Creating an Open-Source, Web Monetized Prototypr Platform

This is an open source, living documention on the development of the Prototypr Grant for The Web Project: "Democratising Design Education with a Web Monetized Publishing Platform". Here you'll find the steps we're taking to build our Web Monetized publishing platform from the ground up - everything from creating the front-end website and the back-end content management system, to deploying the app in the cloud. You'll be able to learn how to build your own, or even fork your own version of ours!

Read the Announcement article to find out more about this open source project.

Prototypr + Grant for the web banner - abstract background with logos for Grant for The Web and Prototypr

Project Goal

✨ This flagship project will develop Prototypr as an inclusive and open source Web Monetized publishing platform for designers, that rewards contributors whilst democratising design education by providing openly accessible, quality content across different cultures.


Open Source

This is a living document that will be updated as new features are added. The project will also be released under MIT license for you to copy, reuse and build upon.